Dr. Joseph R. Lynch is featured in the May issue of Medical Professionals, Treasure Valley Magazine

In this article, Dr. Lynch talks about how he got his start in medicine, how he chose his specialty and what makes his practice at The Shoulder clinic of Idaho unique. Dr. Lynch wraps up his interview with the following:

What would you like to communicate about your specialty to PCP and referring practitioners?

“We appreciate your trust. Please know that it is our goal to provide your patients with the best surgical experience possible. We believe in patient-focused care  provided with courtesy, respect and kindness. We believe that “knowing the patient” is as important as “knowing the shoulder.” Patients who visit our clinic are grateful, not just for the expert subspecialty shoulder care they receive from our fellowship-trained, board-certified shoulder specialists; but more importantly, they are grateful for the friendship and support they find in all of our providers and staff who believe and embody the principles of being good doctors, not just good surgeons.”

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May, 2022 Medical Professionals, Treasure Valley Magazine